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What Is Rakeback ?

When you play online poker, the poker room will take a percentage cut of every pot, typically around 5%. This is called "the rake".

We receive commission from the poker rooms for signing you up, proportional to the amount that you rake. We then pay most of this BACK TO YOU as "rakeback"!!
That is FREE MONEY for you and without rakeback deals to poker rooms, you are actually losing some money in every hand you play, even those you win!

You can use our handy rakeback calculator (on the right hand side) to get an estimate of how much rakeback you can expect to earn. As an example, if you currently pay $750 a month in rake you could receive $2,700 in a year back, just by signing up to a 30% rakeback deal!

Our service is completely FREE, and we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. Take a look at our rakeback offers to see the rooms and deals that we offer, to sign up and start earning free money now!

If you already play at one of these rooms without rakeback, it is still possible to continue playing at the same poker tables with the same players by signing up with one of the OTHER rooms on the same network.

Please visit our FAQs section or contact us if you have any further questions

How Do I Sign Up?

Getting started is easy, to learn how to begin earning rakeback immediately, read our detailed sign up instructions . You can login to your account to check your earnings (updated daily), and you'll receive your rakeback money by a payment method of your choice every month.

Big Rewards Through Our Referrals Program

Your recommendation of "KILL The Rake" to players who play online poker but are not earning rakeback yet is invaluable to us! Refer a player to "KILL The Rake" and we will REWARD YOU with up to 4% of the total rake generated by EVERY new player you refer, for the life of that player! Referred players can also earn $$$ by referring more players to "KILL The Rake". The referral fees NEVER affect the rakeback of either the referrer or the referee.

Customer Service

"KILL The Rake" are part of the Rakeback Partners Network, who are commited to providing the BEST customer service in the rakeback market. The comprehensive FAQs are backed up by a dedicated team of support staff, who are on hand to answer any queries quickly and efficiently.

Why "KILL The Rake"

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Rakeback Calculator

Provides a rough estimate of your rakeback. Poker room fees not taken into account.

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